Mirka Mora Wicked But Virtuous

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Mirka Mora: Wicked But Virtuous, My Life

Mirka Mora is one of Melbourne’s most colourful personalities and best-loved artists.

Arriving in Melbourne from Paris in 1951, Mirka and her husband Georges contributed significantly to the local art scene and the city’s gradual transformation into a sophisticated metropolis. Her studio at 9 Collins Street became a hub for Melbourne’s bohemian set, which transferred to Mirka Café in Exhibition Street and later the Moras other restaurants, Balzac and Tolarno.

Wicked But Virtuous presents an eccentric account of a life lived with great passion and gusto.

This autobiography delves into Mirka's practice, lovers and family and all those who have played a part in her life.

First published in 2000.

ISBN: 9780140294835