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Heide Tea

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Heide Tea

Arvo tea, announced by a bell and always served at precisely four o’clock, was a Heide ritual established by John and Sunday Reed. It signalled the end of the day’s work and provided a forum for spirited conversation.

Heide has collaborated with Australian Tea Masters to produce two custom blends of tea: Arvo Tea and Heart Garden.

Arvo Tea

This blend carries notes of three quality black teas and is best served with baked goods and scones, jam and cream in the Heide tradition.

Heart Garden

This blend of French Earl Grey carries notes of bergamot and blue mallow inspired by the Heart Garden, which Sunday Reed created in 1949 at the end of her love affair with artist Sidney Nolan, serving as a living memorial to a profound love.

Orchard Harvest

This blend carries notes of peach, apple and fig inspired by the Heide I orchard which was established to compliment the kitchen garden and the Reed's desire to be self-sufficient.

50g loose leaf, beautifully packaged and complete with tasting notes.

Exclusive to Heide Museum of Modern Art

$14.95 each

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